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250 Free Metal Gradients for Photoshop.

250- Photoshop Metal Gradients: silver gradients,gold gradients,copper gradients...

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Want to give a shiny metallic look to your work design? This pack of 250Photoshop Metal Gradients is exactly what you need. (silver gradients, gold gradients, copper gradients…)



Mettalic Photoshop Gradients

17 responses to “250 Free Metal Gradients for Photoshop.”

  1. GeeksTricks says:

    Nice work, i need it

  2. Mark says:

    Real koooooollllll !!!

  3. Metall says:

    Detailed and clear. Thank you.

  4. Asktasun says:

    Thank you for the gradients!

  5. pinocha says:

    gracias me gustan son muy buenos

  6. Venkat says:

    How to install it?

  7. nandia says:

    very nice work

  8. Nikos says:

    Thank you.

  9. Alina says:

    how do you install this. it downloaded as and .rar file.
    thank you.

  10. HB says:

    Great Stuff

  11. Talia McQuade says:

    how do i have these open in my software because it is downloading as a rar file and it won’t work

  12. ALEX says:

    its very useful for all graphic artist like us

  13. Leah says:

    Thank you, great set!

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