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500 Seamless Geometric Patterns

$5 BUY

500 seamless geometric patterns inspired by traditional motifs and ancient symbols

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Inspired by the new trend in fashion that uses traditional motifs and ancient signs to create fashion art , I’ve created for you a new vector bundle containg 500 seamless geometric pattrens.

For a limited time, get “500 Seamless Geometric Patterns ” for just $5 .

You will be able to download the source vectors with  500 seamless geometric  patterns inspired by traditional motifs and  ancient symbols like : cross, x cross, arcade, corn ear, fir tree, wolf fangs,the cross with wings,  clepsydra, the eye, the horns of Aries…….



You may also want to buy the 30000 Gradients Swatches for Illustrator pack  normally priced 10$ ! so you can modify the patterns by experimenting  with various colors  and swatches gradinets. Applying differnet gradient angles allows you to create different effects and make you art work more artistic.

mega pack 2


This entire bundle  would cost over $300, but for a limited time  you can get it for just $15! 


The files are delivered in Adobe Illustrator  Ai. & Eps. format .

Terms and conditions.
  • Adobe Illustrator is required to use these pattern swatches.
  • Licensed on a per user basis.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects.
  • These files may NOT be resold , give it away or sublicensed in any way.
  • Files may not be placed on a network server where they can be used by multiple people.

Get this deal now !





Take a look at what you get:

preview 1preview 2preview 3preview 4preview 5

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